Yoga for Athletes Flow: 20 Minute Sequence

Calling all runners and athletes! I have a short sequence for you that you can do after any workout. It will open the chest and shoulders, build strength in your core and will lengthen those achy hips and hamstrings.


Don’t sell yourself short by skipping out. Remember, yoga sequences like these will keep those nasty injuries away and will allow you to perform better. For more yoga sequences like these, check out one of my Yoga for Runners classes at JP Centre Yoga and Back Bay Yoga or enjoy doing some more of these yoga sequences via this blog. Enjoy!


Yoga Sequence:
All poses in the video are listed below. Hold each pose for 3 to 5 rounds of breath (unless otherwise noted below)

– Puppy pose
– Forearm plank (10 rounds of breath)
– Spinx
– Salabasana
– Table Top
– Thread the Needle to each side

– Downward Dog
– 3 Leg Downward Dog, Roll hip open
– Knee to elbow pulses
– Step to Low Lunge
– Eagle arms in Low Lunge
– Open the arms and interlace hands behind lower back
– Place hand down to inside of front foot and grab back foot
– Runner’s Lunge Open Twist
– 1/2 Split
– 1/2 split to Low Lunge Pulses
– Skandasana (do on only one side)
– Plank pose
– Salabasana/Upward Dog
– Downward Dog
– Repeat to other side

At Wall:
– Quad stretch (both sides, hold for at least 5 to 10 rounds of breath)

– Table top
– 1/2 Pigeon Pose (hold for at least 5 to 10 rounds of breath)
– Side forward bend (hold for at least 5 to 10 rounds of breath)
– Side forward fold (hold for at least 5 to 10 rounds of breath)
– Repeat other side

At Wall:
– Forward fold (feet against wall)
– Legs up the wall (5 minute savasana)


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