A yoga teacher, run coach, and mom, Cara Gilman knows first-hand how powerful and important the practice of yoga is. Her offerings are inspired from what she craves and cultivates in her life: connection, compassion and community. Her public and private yoga classes, her RunYoga series, workshops, and online offerings all reflect these themes.

Service and community has always been a calling for Cara. At first, it brought her to the corporate world. After graduating Wheaton College, Cara spent more than six years in the financial services industry where she took on positions in Community Relations, Global Inclusion and Internal Communications. In these roles, her main focus was to create avenues for employees to connect to one another and the community around them.

During this time, Cara was an active marathon runner. She completed 7 marathons in 5 years and began to feel incredibly burned out physically and mentally. Running was how she stayed grounded, inspired and motivated and without it, she struggled to feel connected to herself. She stumbled upon a yoga class at a gym one night and it changed her life. Once again, she felt that connection that she craved and missed so much.

A couple years of having a dedicated yoga practice led her to sign-up for a teacher training. She didn’t know if she would teach or not, but it just felt right. Upon completion of the program, Cara took on teaching right away and never looked back. Her passion turned from serving the employees at her company to her students, and after 6 months of teaching, she left her corporate gig to launch her own business through teaching.

Since taking that leap, Cara has had the honor of teaching at the best studios in Boston, being an ambassador to lululemon, Fitbit and Sweetgreen to name a few, to be a guest faculty teacher at Kripalu, to teach Yoga for Runners classes for Runners World, to travel to India to complete her advanced yoga teacher training certification, to lead modules at teacher training programs, to receive her pre-natal and post-natal teaching certification, and to found, RunYoga, a running community that blends the practices of running and yoga together through mindfulness. She has taken on every class, training and adventure with service and community in mind and is forever grateful for her teachers Bonnie Argo, Chanel Luck, Lynne Begier, Raghunath Cappo and Seane Corn for leading her down this path.

Her classes are relatable, accessible and challenging not just physically, but mentally. Don’t be intimated, you’ll have a smile on your face the whole time! Cara provides a nurturing environment where all students feel supported right where they are. Her good vibes are contagious and will leave you riding high to take on anything and everything. The hardest part in taking on life’s adventures is just showing up, and Cara inspires you take in everything it has to offer you.