The Perfect Friday Get Away

Let’s be honest, this weather is killing us. The cold and the snow seem to be never-ending and that’s why a good friend of mine and I decided to get away from the city for the afternoon/evening for some relaxation.

We went to Raffa Yoga in Cranston, Rhode Island, and wow did we both need it! We spent the late afternoon and evening laying around their various relaxation rooms, what they call their “urban sweat experience”, eating delicious raw food, meditating and getting a massage.

This is the second trip I have taken to Raffa Yoga in the past two months and each and every time I’m yearning to go back again. Here’s a quick snapshot of what we did during our Friday relaxation getaway:

Urban Sweat: Main Relaxation Room
Heated water beds, bean bag chairs and hammocks, this room is perfect for taking a break between the heated rooms, taking a nap, journaling and also grabbing some dinner and raw healthy snacks.

Urban Sweat: Charcoal Room
This room is one of my favorites. This room is heated to 180 degrees but all dry heat and is great for achy muscles, inflammation and increasing energy levels.

Urban Sweat: Turmeric Room
This room is 160 degrees and aids in liver detoxification and speeds up metabolism. What I loved about this room besides the heat and it’s benefits, was that the room scent reminded me of banana bread 🙂

Urban Sweat: Eucalyptus Steam Room
I LOVE steam rooms and this by far is my favorite! This room gets up to 140 degrees and is 100% humidity. I went in this room right before my massage and is a perfect way of opening up the pores in the skin.

Deep Tissue Massage w/Luis
This was one of the best massages I have ever gotten! I felt like I was floating when I was walking out of the massage room. He did a great job of applying the right pressure, attending to areas of my body that needed a little bit more work yet, also getting my entire body which is tough to cover in just 60 minutes. Luis, I will be back!

Antigravity Yoga!
For this trip we were not able to fit the anti-gravity class into our agenda, but I have done the class in my prior trip and it was so fun. The class was relaxing yet playful. You do yoga on these silk hammocks. It’s very circus soleill like and a fun experience, especially one to do with a friend or partner.