Yoga/Run Instruction

Cara offers private yoga sessions for individuals and small groups, works with corporate clients and also provides group run coaching. If interested, reach out directly to Cara at

Private yoga sessions might be a fit for you if:

You prefer one-on-one teaching vs. a group class
You’re new to yoga and are intimidated by large classes
You’ve been practicing for a while but want to refine your practice further
You prefer yoga in your own home or in a private space
You have an injury and need guidance on specific sequences and modifications to alleviate pain
You are confused about alignment and poses

Corporate sessions might be a fit for your company if:

You’re looking to bring health and wellness to your company culture
Looking to raise company morale and motivate staff
Wanting to provide an on-site exercise activity
*Prior to becoming a full time instructor, Cara worked in the financial services industry for 6.5 years where she specialized on creating wellness programs for employees.

Run Coaching might be a fit for you if:

You want accountability for your workouts and training.
You want to bring yoga and strength training into your routine but not sure how to incorporate it in.
Your mind is a major barrier to your success and/or enjoyment of running.
You’re in need of a training plan.
You want guidance and tips on how to train injury-free.
You’re a new runner or have been out of the running game for awhile and not sure where to start.
You’re a veteran runner bored by your training regime and am looking to bring some inspiration and fun back into your workouts.