Yoga Journal Magazine Talent Search: Yes, You Can Laugh at Me

The other day I received an e-mail from Yoga Journal. I opened it the moment it hit my inbox. Who can resist an email titled, “You can be featured in Yoga Journal Magazine?” By the time I opened the e-mail I was already fantasizing and visualizing myself on the magazine cover (looking incredibly fabulous and doing some really cool and complex pose of course!).

It took me back to when I was in elementary school and used to constantly day dream about being discovered as the next beautiful pop star. What was so funny about those dreams was that they seemed real. I’m not saying that I actually thought I would become the next Britany Spears but what was so special about this time in my life was that I never put limitations on my dreams or my fantasies. I fell into these thoughts with everything I wanted from them—pure happiness at the thought of it happening even though it was not reality.

So here I am sitting in my cubicle at work and day dreaming at the thought of being on the cover of Yoga Journal. I’m happy and excited yet, I’m placing no expectations on myself. I am truly happy in the moment experiencing this thought. It felt nice and I wondered why I never let myself think more freely like this. Just because I’m an adult does not mean I can’t use my imagination like a child. That is where our dreams and passions are born, right?

You guessed it. I am going to apply for the contest. Hey, what’s the worse that can happen? And who can resist the opportunity to participate in a yoga photo shoot? I always wanted to have my picture taken doing cool yoga poses around the city so this is the perfect way to get my husband to do it. I am sure I will look very different from what I imagine but it will make me feel kinda official 🙂 Wish me luck and yes, you can laugh at me if you want. Well only if you vote for me! j/k

Cheers to putting ourselves out there and doing crazy things!

What was your last daydream and what are you going to do about it? Think about it, laugh about it or live it?

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