How You Can Overcome the Super Bowl Blues

It has happened again. My all time favorite team has been defeated in the Super Bowl. How am I feeling? Absolutely devastated. The Patriots are the perfect team. They embody true leadership, sportsmanship and are role models of what encompasses true athletes: quiet confidence, humbleness, strength and they put their team ahead of their own personal agenda.

I dealt with the Patriots loss the same way many of you probably did. I refused to watch the trophy ceremony, post game interviews and had another glass of wine and went to bed. I woke up the next morning feeling even worse. I once again experienced the fact that they had lost the game in addition to having a terrible wine headache. Not a good combination. The last glass of wine before bed is never a good idea! After sleeping to the very last minute I could, I got out of bed, got myself together and made my way to work.

Work wasn’t any different. I carried my bad attitude with me and kept to myself. Then I decided to make a change. I went for a run at lunch time. My run changed everything.

My head was no longer heavy and hung low. I lifted my head high as I ran through the streets of Boston and around the Charles River. My legs felt light and powerful as I moved each foot in front of the other to the beat of my music. The bad energy that was pulsing through my body all morning was now pushing my body forward; enabling me to gracefully excel faster and faster. My heart and mind began to open as positive thoughts began to run through my mind.

42 minutes and 4.7 miles later I was a new person. I was confident, strong and ready to leave my bad attitude behind and focus on the important aspects of life: others.

Am I exaggerating my disappointment over the Patriots loss? Yes, just a little. Have we all faced more significant loses and disappointments in our lives? A big yes to that one! However, many of you can relate to the feelings I described above when feeling disappointed and dealing with loss. We like to feel sorry for ourselves, we become selfish and worst of all our negative energery is passed onto others; bringing others down around us.

It is important to face disappointment straight on by making time for yourself. Whether it’s through exercise, listening to music and/or reading a book it’s essential to do what you need to do to process these feelings and get back to feeling like the same positive, energetic, confident, strong and amazing person you are.

Time to say goodbye to the Super Bowl blues and be proud of all the amazing accomplishments the Patriots achieved this season and will achieve in the seasons to come.

Special shout out to all the Patriots fans out there—why are you proud to be a Patriots fan? Start the conversation here by posting your comments.

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