The Power of Mentoring (i.e. finding someone really nice that wants to help you do something you love)

I have been blown away from the support and guidance from my mentor. She is someone that since the moment that I met her has gone out of her way to help me accomplish my dream of becoming a yoga teacher. As mentioned in my previous blog post, “Networking: It’s Not Just for the Business World,” she graciously reached out to the fitness director at the gym she teaches at and was able to get me on the yoga sub list (By the way, this sub opportunity has now turned into teaching a weekly class starting on March 1st! 🙂 Yay!).

However, her support and kindness has not stopped there. She has taken me to several of her Pilates classes and has given me a tour of the gym, introduced me to teachers and trainers, showed me how to use the music system and how to sign-in for classes.

At the last class she brought me to, she even made me a CD of the music she plays for her yoga classes; providing a soft rock music mix as well as some spirtual music from India. And let’s not forget how she checks in with me throughout the week and is one of my biggest champions for my upcoming class. She already promised me she would be there.

Now, be reminded that my mentor is someone I met only three weeks ago, however because of her kindness and support I feel like I have always known her and trust her.

For any of us, sometimes the hardest thing to do is ask for help or seek guidance. Too many times we forget about the support system that exists around us or we are too proud to ask for help. This mentoring relationship has made me realize the importance of having this support system in place.

I can’t even tell you how my mentor’s support and encouragement has changed this “yoga teacher journey” for me.  It has taken something new, scary and overwhelming and has made channel my nervous energy into pure excitement. But most importantly, I’m becoming more confident with myself as a teacher since I know she believes in me.

And having the confidence to believe in yourself is the biggest battle we face with anything we do… ;P

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