Remembering 7 Bear Cub Lane

Today is the last day I will spend in my childhood home. 25 years of my life! I’m trying to not process the fact that this will be the last time that I will sit on my couch in my cozy sweatpants in the front of the fireplace in the company of my family. So many memories and so much time. How do I say goodbye?

I’m going to pay tribute to my family home by not saying goodbye, but  by remembering all the memories spent in between these walls.

1. Sunday family dinners in the summer time on the porch. Steak, potatoes and corn on the cob! As I got older, I also enjoyed a glass of Kendall Jackson Pinor Noir with my dad 🙂

2. Decorating the Christmas tree to Christmas carols and my mom and dad dancing in the kitchen with each other.
3. My eighth grade boy/girl party, which ended with a food fight. Pretzels and cheezits were everywhere! I also remeber the Jay Z song, “The City is Mine”, being played over and over again.
4. My bachorlette weekend. 10 of my favorite ladies in my life all celebrating my last weeks as a single woman with champagne and wine.
5. Building forts in the woods with “swimming pools” that were large holes in the ground with leaves in them.
6. Building snow tunnels in the front yard with my dad and brother followed by chef boyardee ravolis and grill ham and cheese sandwiches. All compliments of my dad.
7. Spending days in the summer time in the backyard, occupied by my croc-a-dile mile slip-n-slide.
8. Riding bikes in the cul de sack and pretending mailboxes were fast food drive through pick up windows.
9. The first time we took Bella and Clyde home from the pet shelter. As we tried to get them oriented with the house, they kept running away and hiding from us. At one point we thought they ran away, when they were hiding in a reclining chair.
10. Christmas celebrations spent with family. Gift giving and waffle breakfasts in the morning, spiral baked honey ham and cheesecakes followed by  samboca and port wine. Perfect day!

and the list goes on and on….

I hate goodbyes so why not just remember all the good times; reliving these great moments? That is exactly what I plan to do!

I also plan to make one more memory. Being present and living in the moment of being in my childhood home right now…

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