Yoga Class Playlist: Thursday, July 19 (5:30pm at Fitcorp)

Finally back! So great to see my yogis and yoginis!

This playlist goes back to the end of June. The ipod cable was not working so I had to bring back some old tunes.

Get ready for some Donna De Lory and John Da Kadt next week!

1. New Life, Paul Cardall
2. The Broken Places, Moby
3. Sevastopol, Moby
4. Beethoven’s 5 Secrets, The Piano Boys
5. Victoria Lucas, Moby
6. Peponi, The Piano Boys
7. We Found Love, Lindsey Stirling
8. Hey Ma Durga, Donna De Lory
9. Life and Death, Paul Cardall
10. Stella Maris, Moby

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