Yoga Playlist for Thursday, July 26 FitCorp Classes

A mix of my favorites* with some added tunes from John De Kadt and Donna De Lory.

I was fortunate enough to spend time with both artists during my retreat at Kripalu (John taught me everything I know about drumming!). I will continue to sprinkle their amazing work into my playlists each week!

1. Tabla Breath, John De Kadt

2. Maya, John De Kadt

3. Sanctuary, Donna De Lory

4. We Found Love, Lindsey Stirling*

5. Peponi, The Piano Guys*

6. Give Love, MC Yogi

7. Beethoven’s Secrets, The Piano Guys

8. Hey Ma Durga, Donna De Lory

9. Stella Maris, Moby*

10. New Life, Paul Cardall

11. Life and Death, Paul Cardall

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