Cycle Class Playlist: Week of September 3, Sweat and Soul Yoga

First week teaching cycle and yoga at Sweat and Soul Yoga! I really loved it and look forward to this new schedule and seeing my fellow cyclists and yogis/yoginis next week!

Here is the playlist that was played for my cycle classes this week—high energy, hip hop delicious tunes! Enjoy 🙂

1. We Found Love, Rihanna
2. Just a Dream, Nelly (mix)
3. Ring the Alarm, Beyonce
4. Empire State of Mind, Jay Z/Alicia Keys (mix)
5. Moment 4 Life, Nicki Minaj & Drake
6. Hate it or Love it, 50 Cent
7. Letting Go, Hip Hop Yoga Mix
8. Put On, Young Jeezy
9. Living Your Life, Rihanna
10. Can’t Wait for the Weekend

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