Yoga Quotes and Playlist: Week of Sept. 10 (FitCorp, Sweat and Soul Yoga)

This week’s practices focused on being present. As we all know, its a challenge to remain focused on embodying the pose when by nature we want to perfect it—I mean who doesn’t want to look like Yoga Journal model? But that’s not yoga. Yoga is connecting to ourselves; through mediation and aligning our breath with each movement. 

Sequences focused on planks, warriors, lunges, twists and balancing poses which brought us to the peak pose: twisting half moon pose.


As we perfect asana, we will come to understand the true nature of our embodiment, of our being, and of the divinity that animates us. And when we are free from physical disabilities, emotional disturbances, and mental distractions, we open the gates to our soul. To understand this, one must gain far more than technical proficiency, and one must do asana not merely as a physical exercise but as a means to understand and then integrate our body with our breath, with our mind, with our intelligence, with our consciousness, with our conscience, and with our core. In this way, one can experience true integration and reach ultimate freedom. 

-Iygenar, Light on Life


1. Rolling in the Deep, Adele Adkins

2. Makyen Ghir Allah, Earthrise Soundtrack

3. In the Sun, Donna De Lory

4. A Thousand Years, Kurt Schneider & Aimee Proal

5. Ganapati, Girish

6. Temple Light, MC Yogi

7. Such Great Heights, The Postal Service

8. Sanctuary, Donna De Lory

9. Diamonds in the Sun, Girish

10. Bija Mantras, Jai Uttal/Ben Leinbach

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