Your Morning Yoga Routine (when you can’t find the time)

It’s Monday morning. You’re exhausted from the weekend and can’t seem to get out of your bed. You repeatedly hit the snooze button until the very last minute. You begin to fill up with guilt as you realize you have no time for your yoga practice and have a long day a head of you. 

Take a deep breath. It’s so easy to forget how yoga can be integrated into our routine when we can’t find the time. Here are some ways I bring yoga into my morning when I know I need my sleep and my yoga to feel charged and ready for my day.

Your Bed:

  • Remain in your corpse pose, stretch the arms over head (nice morning stretch!)
  • Bring both knees into your chest; placing the arms around the shins and slowly rock side to side
  • Keep both knees to your chest, extend your arms out to a T and bring both knees to one side (hold for a few breaths) and then bring them to the other side
  • Bring your knees back to your chest. Rock up and down and come to a seated position in your bed
  • Place both hands to your heart, close your eyes and set your intention for your day

As you make your way to the shower:

In the shower:

  • Come into your mountain pose, fold forward into rag doll by interlocking opposite hand with opposite elbow
  • Rise upward back to mountain pose. Place both hands at your heart. Once again connect with the intention that you set for your day

Drying Your Hair (pending time/your getting ready routine):

  • Lay on your back on your bed and have your head and shoulders hang over the side of your bed
  • Dry your hair while you relax and restore in this inversion
  • For hip opening, place the soles of your feet together and your knees a part

Before you walk out your door:

  • Focus on your intention and hold it close to your heart; remembering to always come back to it throughout the day when you begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed


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