Yoga Reflections & Themes: Week of Oct.22

Yoga as a “moving meditation” was the focus/theme for classes this week. This “moving meditation” not just happens on our mat but in all parts of our lives. In sports for example, we most often feel and react to situations occurring around us by being “in the zone”. This is not any different than when we practice yoga but instead we are being present in the moment.

We used this theme to keep us focused as we opened class with meditation and practiced a shoulder opening sequence. Our peak pose was eagle. 

The quote shared in my classes this week came from Iygenar’s Light on Life.

“Yoga, as it was understood by its ages, is designed to satisfy all human needs in a comprehensive, seamless whole. It’s goal is nothing less than to attain the integrity of oneness—oneness with ourselves and as a consequence oneness with all that lies beyond ourselves…Oneness, what I often call integration, is the foundation for wholeness, inner peace and ultimate freedom.”

Click here to view the songs played in my classes this week. 

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