Reflections from Yoga Classes this Week: Nov. 5

Our focus for class this week was on shoulder opening and inversions. It was so fun to play with this sequence with all of you last week that I had to bring it back, especially after another cold and damp week. The FIRE was once again brought to class! 🙂

What I love about inversions and playing with poses that are new to us is how they open ourselves up. They make us vulnerable. They test us. There are no expectations of how it should or should not go. We are truly present. That’s the beauty of yoga.

My quote for class this week came from my heart and were my words.

“Everything is meant for a reason. Life sets itself up that way. Inspire. Be passionate. Create the change you want to see in this world. This is the beauty of truly living life.”

This week’s playlist is by far my favorite yoga playlist to date. I might have to repeat this for next week’s class 🙂 Listen to it here. 

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