Reflections from Yoga Classes this Week: Dec.10

Happy Hanukkah! The holiday season is here. This time of year can be very difficult for some of us. Loved ones that are no longer physically with us are greatly missed and our list of to dos can seem unbearable. This is where yoga becomes an essential part of lives.

Yoga makes things simple. It’s about connection and giving the space for ourselves to be present and to love. Love for ourselves. Love for our community. Love for the world around us. It’s amazing how challenging simplicity is and yet how powerful it can be to bring us closer to how we want to feel and serve others.

Class sequence consisted of core work, hamstring opening, balancing and twisting. Our peak pose was twisted half moon pose.

My quote for class this week came from the Yoga Sultras:

“Calm the fluctuations of the mind so you can understand your true nature.”

Playlists from my classes:

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