Reflections from Yoga Classes this Week: Dec.17

My classes this week focused on heart opening. Perfect way to celebrate as we transition into the holidays.

My quote for class this week came from Iyengar’s Light on Life:

“The correct attitude to our possessions is gratitude… Toward our car we should feel gratitude that it conveys us safely and allows us to see places we would not otherwise have seen. I am grateful for the table I am writing on. It makes this book possible…In India we have a ceremony every year in which we garland our household objects and thank them for their service they render us. We borrow their services for a certain time and are grateful.”

This quote closely relates to this holiday season and our yoga practice. During this time of year, we get so caught up on what we’re giving and completely  forget the importance and significance of giving that gift; showing love and appreciation for that person.

This relates to our yoga practice as well. We want to achieve. We want to be perfect. We want to compete. And this can prevent us from seeing the true reason of why we are practicing yoga. To have space and give appreciation to ourselves so we can pass that love to others.

Playlists from my classes:

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