Bring Love and Light to Your 2013

The theme for classes this week centered on intentions, sankalpa, in light of the upcoming New Year. The sanskrit word, sankalpa, means willing, purpose, determination. To make sankalpa is to set an intention that explores what’s behind your thoughts or feelings; allowing you to take action with determination and purpose.

Sankalpa and intention setting are very different from resolutions. Resolutions tend to be focused on issues, problems and parts of ourselves that we don’t like and feel we need to fix. With Sankalpa, we take our energy and our passion towards not an outcome but a path that will take us in the right direction. 

As a result, during our practice we focused on being reflective, being present and approaching our intention setting path with nothing but love and compassion.

The center of our practice was on sun salutations as we completed 13 rounds in honor of 2013. For each round the following questions were asked:

  1. When do I feel like my life is most meaningful?
  2. When do I feel frustrated and confused about my life?
  3. What was my biggest achievement for the year?
  4. What was my biggest mistake for the year?
  5. If I knew I couldn’t fail, what would I undertake?
  6. What decision did I avoid this year?
  7. What is my biggest decision for 2013?
  8. Who am I most grateful for in my life?
  9. Who are people in my life that I might want to let go of?
  10. What am I most proud of?
  11. What brings me love and joy in my life?
  12. What do I most love about myself?
  13. What is your intention for 2013? One word that speaks to what you want to focus your passions on for 2013.

My intention for 2013 is love. As Dalai Lama says, “The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your action will be.”

Love yourself and spread love to others. Namaste 2013!

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