Face Fear By Finding Your Balance

Classes this week focused on arm balances. Those cool looking “how the hell do you do that” poses that can foster frustration and fear among many of us. Arm balances test our strength, our flexibility and allow us to face our fear right on.

Fear is a powerful emotion. We face it everyday. At times it can become so overwhelming that it can limit us from doing what we really want to do in life. This is where yoga comes in.

Yoga allows us to face our fear straight on. Nothing is more scary than landing on your face, right? Arm balances in yoga are an example of how we foster strength, embody confidence and have the courage to lift off; soaring into the pose. Your yoga mat is your playground to feel, to fail and to let go of expectations so you can experience each and every moment. 

The quote I shared in my classes came from Steve Jobs graduation speech at Stanford University:

“Believing the dots will connect down the road will allow you to follow your heart down the beaten path.” – Steve Jobs

Class sequences includes twists, hip opening, crow, side crow, tolsana, jump throughs and core work.

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