F-O-C-U-S: Reflections From Classes (Week of Feb. 4)

The theme for classes this week was on focus. Focusing on our breath and how it changes as we move in and out poses. Is our breath fast? Is it slow? Is it shallow? Is it deep? How does our heart beat relate to our breath? Giving ourselves focus to our breath allows us to feel connected; changing from our everyday thinking mind to our feeling mind.

Sequences for class this week included core, shoulder and chest opening, standing poses and inversions—handstand prep and revolving twists at wall. 

Yoga outside of your mat: Keep “focus” as your intention this week. How does your breath change throughout your day—waking up, going to work, at work, at the gym, making dinner and while you’re with loved ones? Notice how your breath directly connects to how you’re feeling in your body.

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