Yoga for Athletes: Class Summary 2-19-13

This week we focused on side and hip opening while strengthening our core and our legs. 

Homework: Integrate our sun salutation lunge sequence into your pre-run warm-up.  This can easily be done right in your driveway/sidewalk before you hit your running route. Feel the difference when you spend 5 minutes warming up before your workout 🙂

Sequence from class—45 minutes:

Supta (soles of the feet together and knees open to edge of mat)
Core work
Table top—cat/cow tilts
Downward dog x plank x 3 
Walk hands back to feet (at back of mat) to rag doll
Tadasana (mountain pose) with side opening
malsana (squat, open to each side)
Downward dog 

Sun salutations with lunges x 4 (added core twist and reclining twist)

Chair, knee to chest
Tree pose
Warrior 3
Crescent lunge, core twist
Warrior 2
Reverse Warrior/Side angle
Half moon
*Other side 

Letting go:
Plank lower to belly
childs pose
Forward fold
Figure 4 with supine twist
Supta (breathing exercise) 


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