My Intention for 2014

Let’s be honest. I’m not a fan of birthdays and feel even more dislike for New Years. These milestones always represent change, transition and EXPECTATION. Expectation is always my pitfall and it takes something that can bring happiness into my life into something I dread each and every year. 

New Years eve this year was no different but I approached the upcoming holiday with more awareness of my feelings and instead of smiling through it, I let myself feel it and deal with it. I let myself sleep in without feeling guilty. I let myself give into cravings. I let myself be still; skipping out on the sweaty and rigorous classes and going to the slow flow yoga class. I found that these changes allowed me to be more grounded. When New Years came and went, I felt a clearing and a shift that I wasn’t expecting since to me I was being “lazy”. 

Our body and our emotions have a way of communicating with us and even as a yoga teacher, I forget how important it is to listen. Without my commitment to my practice, I’m not sure if I would have allowed myself to slow down. LISTEN is my intention for 2014.

>What’s your intention for 2014? Make it simple by choosing one word. 

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