47:11; I beat my 10K PR (personal record) by 4 minutes. Despite the pouring rain and less than ideal running conditions, I took on the BAA 10K and rocked it out.

IMG_4577  IMG_4574
he before and after pictures of the BAA 10K

My shift in running has happened over the past 8 months when I started to do one thing. I started to run with people. Since October, I have run with people that are faster or the same speed as me a couple times a week. Mondays, I run with my RunYoga crew. Wednesdays, I run with the Marathon Sports Boston Run Club. Fridays, I run with friends after my 7am yoga class at Back Bay Yoga and this past winter, on Saturdays, I ran and helped coached the Marathon Coalition as our runners prepared for the Boston Marathon. These runs keep me accountable and consistent and they’re FUN! I’m no longer looking at my watch watching the miles tick by. I’m laughing, chatting and enjoying each and every step. Running with people has allowed me to control my breathing, focus on my form and also understand my true potential as a runner.

IMG_4608 IMG_4767
ummer RunYoga Crew
IMG_3729   IMG_3724
inter RunYoga Crew

Last April, I was running with the Marathon Sports Boston Run Club and about 2 miles into my run, I looked at my watch. I was running a 8 minute pace and I felt amazing. I thought to myself, “this is way too fast”, but I held the pace. Fast forward another 3.5 miles and I finished with an average pace of 7:53min/mile. This was a pace that I’ve never run before, for at the time, I was averaging 9/9:30min/mile pace on my runs.

IMG_3511  IMG_4383
Friday morning runs along the Charles River

I mentioned this running victory to two of my running buddies with such pride. They were happy for me (of course!) but they wanted me think a little bit bigger. “Cara, you looked really strong out there. I’m sure you could up your pace to 7:30min/mile pace easy.” I thought to myself “no way!” but at the same time, I thought, “why not try?”

IMG_2940           IMG_3576
Running candids 🙂

That’s what I did. That next Wednesday, I joined the group and set out for a 7:30 min/mile pace. My two buddies and my other running friends were with me the whole way; encouraging me and pacing me. We finished that 5.5 mile run at a 7:20 pace. BOOM! Everything changed from there. I started to view myself differently. I started to run differently. Each and every Wednesday, I ran with my crew; targeting that 7:30 pace and using the run as a tempo run. When I got to the starting line of the BAA 10K, I was ready to own it. And I did!

IMG_4059  IMG_3068
Marathon Sports Boston Wednesday Run Club

Community is so important. They motivate us. They inspire us. They keep us on track and accountable, but most importantly they allow us to see our best selves and what we’re truly capable of doing. Running with others has done just that for me and I’m so incredibly grateful for it. I’m grateful for not only the physical benefits it has given me but most importantly, the friendships and memories it has created and how it has changed my perception of myself.

You want to get faster and be better? Let’s all run together. Who inspires you to be a better runner?

Opportunities for you to run with others:
> Monday nights: RunYoga, 6pm, Fenway (Fall session starts September 14)
> Wednesday nights: Marathon Sports Boston, 6:30pm, Back Bay
> Thursday nights: Boston Marathon Adidas Run Base, 6:30pm, Back Bay
> November Project: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6:30am
> Marathon Coalition: Trains 15 charity teams for the Boston Marathon                

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