56TnlUpVjCZ9BkBuJbAQwy Playlist for my 1 hour yoga classes the week of December…

0G0shyjKKp4FnSo1haFfn8 Playlist for my hip hop yoga class on December 20.

5I59ugLbiNWo2PeZSTWWOk 90 minute yoga playlist for my classes- week of December 17.

3NjIAZR0QOBejHQGD9fxGg Playlist for vinyasa yoga classes: Week of December 10

1hXp4dvSrPkFks7g0RGXU4 Hip Hop Yoga Playlist from December 13, 2012.

0fxpIpB6xhdu6zcipCjetq Playlist from my classes: week of November 5. Playlist inspired by…

1g05ABJMIN0vxBMTrAH2KR Playlist for my classes this week!

5eMWf28Hd1AQ2NzqQpo6Co Songs played in my class during the week of October 22.

66M71hbGCw553GPXLe7QiR Playlist from my old skool beats ryde on Friday, October 26…