1gYtZIOG5AwqhjsKPoH8LD Playlist from my Hip Hop Mash-Up Ryde at Sweat and Soul…

5CIQSkR5H7FASISVRRdCzw Playlist from tonight’s RYDE @sweat_soulyoga! Way to bring it tonight guys!!

5BefGJo0Z0jsTSx1THLVLY Playlist from my old skool beats ryde tonight at @sweat_soulyoga!

0VTuHuz5jUnJ2tZQnhmb8Y Songs used from classes this week!

3h3iopY7kOLz5W669nOk4E Playlist from Hip Hop Mash-up Ryde at Sweat and Soul Yoga!

6Nf28AY4U6xCRhg9RNCkCL Playlist for 5:45pm vinyasa class at Sweat and Soul Yoga

2uaORmvIM4oHqjfROYqqMp Playlist from old skool beats ryde at Sweat and Soul Yoga!

2KivEc2dE6FxjQMRbVnrcr Playlist for my yoga classes this week at Sweat and Soul…

2KivEc2dE6FxjQMRbVnrcr1 Playlist from classes this week! Filled with love this week and…