Day in the Life: Intuitive Coach + Healer

Hi everyone! I’m Miriam Katz and I’m so excited to be partnering with Cara to share a day in the life as an intuitive coach and healer. Cara has been my dear friend since we met through work at State Street Corporation, where we spread good karma through community involvement. Since then we have both taken the leap of faith to leave and live our dreams, and our lives are richer than ever.

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Every day in my week is different, so I’ll share the highlights of what makes my life as a coach, healer and work at home mom so beautiful.

My Morning: Coaching & Healing

On a typical work day, I have a fabulous babysitter who comes after breakfast to engage my little one. When I say goodbye and head up to my office, I’m so excited! My work recharges my batteries, so I look forward to diving in and having some fun.

Most days I climb to my cozy 3rd floor office where I do my coaching work on the phone. On days when it’s beautiful outside, I bring my notebook and hands-free headset outside to the deck. I take 15 minutes before the session to review notes from my past sessions with my next client and to center myself, getting grounded and focused on supporting my client’s highest good.

My client calls when s/he is ready to begin, and it’s time for magic! I never know exactly where a session will go beforehand, and neither does my client – though they usually bring an idea that they want to work on – which is part of the excitement.

My client will bring up anything from recurring thoughts or emotions that are standing in her way, or a goal she’d like to accomplish, like finding fulfilling work, improving a relationship, getting more in touch with her intuition, or connecting to her core self. My sweet spot is helping clients identify and remove blocks that are standing in their way. With the blocks cleared, shifting into a state where we can manifest our desires is easy and instant.

On a given call we set an intention for what you want to achieve, using imagery or a description to evoke your desired feeling state and get grounded in the reality of what you’re creating. As obstacles arise I’ll gently draw attention to them, then go into the source of your blocks and dismantle them. You’d be surprised what kinds of amazing memories and messages can be found at the heart of our blocks. We spend so much time avoiding them, but each block has a gift at its core and a message that we can integrate for greater self-love and compassion. After a block has been removed, the sense of elation and freedom is incredible. I usually feel the shift along with you, which is an added bonus for me.

For example, a client who I’ll call Marlene became aware that the stories she was telling herself about who she was were holding her back. Like Marlene, we all have stories that play on repeat loops in our heads. Because we believe them, we act as if they’re true, and then – presto – we keep getting the same results. In order to shift Marlene’s outcomes, we worked together to identify, delete and consciously rewrite those stories.

I asked Marlene to picture a stack of books that represented her outdated stories. Then I drew her attention to the title on their spines. She saw three titles, and recognized them as judgments her mother had expressed in childhood, like “you’ll never make any friends acting like that”. Together we explored how those statements had blocked Marlene from allowing love into her life. 

Then Marlene recalled a stack of journals she’d been keeping from her darker times, which sat in her home as a constant reminder of those limiting beliefs. Marlene resolved to burn those books in order to make a symbolic and energetic departure from the emotional states they represented. She found where those ideas had lodged themselves in her body. I guided her to use what I call the healer’s toolbox to choose the ideal tools to dismantle them. One of those tools was a blowtorch that she used to blast apart a concrete barrier she’d erected around her heart! When we circled back to the three books (representing her old stories) that she’d seen earlier, she found their pages to be blank. She gave the books new titles that spoke to her deepest truth, including “I give and receive love freely”.

I then asked Marlene to feel and describe the feeling states evoked by each title in turn, and to step inside that feeling state. She chose a symbol to represent each feeling state, then envisioned that symbol in the place where she experienced the feeling in her body. This is a tool I use to anchor these juicy feeling states inside us, so that we can return to them at will.  

My work is deeply gratifying. It enables me to tap into my deep compassion for others, my intuitive compass to find the blocks, and my life coach training, which taught me that each client contains the wisdom and tools to their healing. I find my tools evolving over time and sometimes spontaneously tap into a new and potent tool for healing.

In the past few years, I’ve also embraced the talents I was born with, offering psychic readings and energy clearings for people, all of which I can do from my home as well. Some people love to get out and be in an office environment but as an empath who picks up on others’ emotions, it’s most healing for me to be at home. My readings often focus on life purpose, past life impacts on present patterns and relationships, and even connecting with loved ones who have crossed over. Those readings provide lots of fuel for transformative coaching sessions, providing the foundational understanding that enables us to release old patterns and actualize new goals.

Energy clearings can be quick tune-ups or more in depth healing sessions that clear and balance the energetic body, including the chakras and aura, and release blockages that interrupt your body’s ability to self-repair.

My work embodies my passion, which is helping people to recognize the divine, powerful and loving beings they are. After I get off the phone with my clients, I reclaim my kids, totally revitalized from the transformations I’ve facilitated and experienced.

My Afternoon: Yoga & Self Care

Two or three times a week I also go to a yoga class with one of my favorite teachers, like Cara’s lunchtime class on Tuesdays at JP Centre Yoga. Seeing Cara and spending some time stretching and pushing my limits helps me to show up more fully in my daily life, for my kids, my husband, and my clients.


My Evening: Family time

I end my days with reconnective time as a family, including play, dinner and kids’ baths. Our family has crafted a beautiful tradition of incorporating gratitude in those last moments of awakeness that set the stage for our dreamtime. We share 3 or 4 reasons we’re grateful for each other or for our day. Gratitude is another anchor that helps draw more of what we want into our lives. Since we’ve incorporate that practice, our relationships have improved as have the quality of our lives.



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