Day in the Life: Yoga + Dance Teacher

Hi! My name is Erica Bornstein and I am excited to have the pleasure of being featured in my friend Cara’s blog. I admire Cara and the work she does in our community and the positive energy she spreads and I am grateful to not only work with her, but to be able to call her my friend!


I teach yoga and dance classes full time in and around Boston, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I used to work in marketing, and sitting all day in a cubicle literally gave me the willies so I knew I had to make a change. So, about 5 years ago I left the day to day grind, and got a job in a gym which allowed my hours to be flexible so I could start teaching fitness classes and get my yoga teacher training done, and for the past 2 years have turned teaching into a successful career.

I love movement. I always have.  My mother will tell you about how when she took me to the supermarket, she would  find me doing leaps and turns down the aisles. Moving has always made me feel better. I love sharing this passion with others. If I can make at least one person smile and feel good about themselves, I say it was a good day.


Don’t get me wrong, this job is a blast, but it can be challenging as well. My schedule is really funky and I am usually working when everyone else I know is off (aka nights and weekends).  Also, there is a lot of travel time involved and I am not going to lie, I have to use my yoga breathing exercises in daily traffic jams and parking spot hunts all around the city.  Since I am in my car A LOT, I utilize this time wisely and practice something I call “car-oegraphy” or dance choreography while in my car. I come up with the best dance ideas while driving. So, watch out for me while sitting in gridlock on Route 93, windows down, reggaeton blaring, arms flailing. Oh yeah, I really don’t care what the hell I look like to anyone else. Sometimes, I don’t even do the dance standing up until I teach it in class! It can get interesting to say the least.

With this career, everyday of the week is different, which helps keep life interesting. Somedays I teach 4 or 5 classes, and others just 2. Tuesday is one of my favorite working days of the week, so I will lead you through my typical Tuesday.

8am Wake up. COFFEE. It’s a must and I’m OK with it. Everything in moderation.

8-9:30am- Tuesdays I have a later start, so I usually use this morning to plan my yoga classes for the week. This consists of my rolling around in my living room with a notebook and seeing what comes up. I also make some new playlists to go with my sequence, and I will use these for the whole week.


10:00-11am- Private client. I “dance” drive over to my clients house for a little one on one action. I have 3 weekly private clients, and then I have some monthly clients who like to work with me on specific things like arm balances or handstands, and I will give them some things to work on alone, and we meet up monthly to check progress.

Noonish- My workout! I try to either run, take a yoga class, or sometimes I’ll hit up Barrys Bootcamp. Now that the weather is nice I try to stay outside. I can come up with some great dance choreo on my runs as well, those look even funnier.  I always get asked “Don’t you workout all day? Why do you have to take class?” The answer is NO! When I teach yoga, I am walking around, giving hands-on adjustments, helping students with their practice and I rarely do ANY of it. And as a teacher, we must be taking classes and constantly learning from the other awesome teachers in the city.

2pm- Usually another private this one is at a beautiful home in Brookline and if its nice out we stay outside and she feeds me a delicious lunch after (bonus!).


545pm-9pm- TEACH! Love my busy Tuesday night classes. Its nice to be able to teach two in a row on this night without having to commute in between. I will debut my new sequence for the week and see how it flows.

10pm- Relax. By this time, I am home and I am wiped. This job requires a ton of energy, so I use my evenings to be quiet and decompress. I’ll be honest, I just got hooked on Orange is the New Black so for the next few nights, it’s Netflix for me.


In my free time it is important for me to see my friends and family and spend time with my boyfriend. I try to balance a social life with work so I go out on the weekends for dinner or drinks, and always love a good dance party. In the summer if I am not teaching you will find me at the beach!

Let me know if you have any questions anytime! Contact me at or check me out at:


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