Day in the Life: Pro Triathlete + Physical Therapist + Coach + Personal Trainer

For this week’s “day in the life” blog post, I’m happy to introduce you to Amber Ferreira. I went to high school with Amber and when I found out about her career as a Pro Triathlete, coach, Physical Therapist and personal trainer I knew I had to track her down! Ever since I can remember, Amber has always had a passion for running and it’s awesome to see how she brings this to her day to day life and career. To learn more about Amber, you can visit her website at:


I was lucky enough to compete at the Div 1 level at Northeastern University for Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track. I graduated with a doctorate in physical therapy in 2007 but I also knew my athletic career was just starting. My first job was located in New Hampshire and my husband and I signed up for a triathlon club on a whim. In no time I was hooked. The combination of the 3 sports was way more fun than I could have ever imagined. I did my first Ironman in 2009 and then earned my professional triathlon license in 2010 and have been racing as a professional triathlete since 2011.  I also fell in love with the sport of snow shoe racing and was lucky enough to earn the national title in 2010 and 2014.


Presently, I work 25 hours as a Physical Therapist, coach the granite state racing team and do some personal training. In addition I train 25 hours per week to race at the highest level of my sport.

Here’s what my typical week looks like:
  • Wake at 5:30, COFFEE, protein smoothie (This is consistent Monday – Friday)
  • Swim 4000 yards
  • lift or easy recovery run
  • Work 11:30 – 5pm
  • Personal train
  • Dinner and bed by 9 🙂
  • Bike 90 minutes
  • Run 45 minutes with intervals
  • Work 10:30 -4pm
  • Coach the Granite State Racing Team and also complete the track workout usually about 1 hour long plus Core work


  • Either 2-3 hour bike with intervals or a big swim and 60 minute run with intervals
  • Work 11:30-7
  • Swim 3000 yards
  • Bike 4-5 hours
  • Run 30 minutes
  • Nap/Food
  • Personal Train


  • Swim 3-4000 yards + Run  + lift
  • Work 10:30 – 6 pm


  • Coach tri swim club and participate usually around 3000 yards
  • Bike 4-5 hours
  • Run 30-45 minutes
  • Nap/Food
  • Sleep IN! (7am)
  • Run 90 minutes
  • Bike 1 hour
  • Nap/Eat
  • After 4pm get another 90 minute run in

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