Friday Favorites! Class Playlists, Week of May 26th

Happy Friday! Here are my class playlists and song faves from the week. 

Fun fact: I saw the movie, Million Dollar Arm, last weekend and the music from the movie inspired my vinyasa playlist this week. Must see movie. Laughed, cried and got giddy. Everything you want in a movie. Enjoy!


Vinyasa Top 3 Songs
1. Keep the Hustle, A.R. Rahman
2. Om Nama Shivaya, Donna De Lory
3. Welcome to India, A.R. Rahman
Playlist> 60 min million

Hip Hop Yoga Top 3 Songs> Kesha vs. Britney!
1. Blow-Cirkut Remix, Kesha
2. Till the World Ends, Britney
3. We R Who We R, Kesha
Playlist> Kesha vs Britney

Spin Top 3 Songs
1. Ten Feet Tall, Afrojack
2. Gangsta, Kat Dahlia
3. Right Now- Dyro Radio Edit, Rihanna, David Guetta
Playlist> Spin 5-29


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