Friday Favorites! Class Playlists, Week of May 19th

Class playlists and song faves from the week! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Vinyasa Yoga Top 3:

1. Natural Blues, Moby
2. My Friend, Groove Amanda
3. Tiff, POLICA

Playlist> Vinyasa 60 5-19-14

Hip Hop Yoga (Divas of 80s & 90s) Top 3:

1. Creep, TLC
2. Vogue, Madonna
3. Push It, SaltnPepa

Playlist> HHY 80s & 90s Divas

Spin Top 3:

1. Set it Off, Timomatic
2. Till I Collaspe, Eminem
3. Sexy Chick, David Guetta

Playlist> spin 5-22

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