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I’m excited to be featuring Meghan Rozanski as my “Day in the Life” blogger today. As you will be able to tell from the post below, Meghan is high energy and brings passion, love and fun to everything she does. It’s an absolute honor and blast to teach and hang out with this lady! 

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I love exercise! I’ve always loved to sweat but I fell in love with yoga when I was living in New York. Jivamukti was my absolute favorite! I started working for the Omega Institute planning events which really allowed me to dive head first into the yoga world. When I moved back to Boston, I worked for a high technology public relations firm and taught yoga on the side. Every day that I left the house in my uncomfortable heels, I would say, “Someday I will wear yoga pants to work.” Five years later, I traded my Banana Republic button downs for luon and I never looked back!

I’m currently a full time yoga and spin teacher and I teach all over the city and suburbs. I can be found at Back Bay Yoga, Sweat and Soul Yoga (SASY), Charlestown Yoga and Prana Power Yoga. I teach spin classes at SASY and Velo-City located in the Back Bay.


I love being around people, I LOVE to talk, I’m a big communicator AND I’m nuts. These qualities come in handy in this line of work. You spend a lot of time traveling from place to place, you move around a lot during class giving assists for yoga or actually doing the workout in spin so you’ve got to have a lot of energy and be a little bit crazy!

There are so many things I love about my job. Being able to motivate people and help them get on the path of being healthy is the most inspiring, coolest thing ever. There is a type of exercise for EVERYONE! People just need to keep trying things until they find that movement that works for them. That’s the key to consistency – do something you actually ENJOY!!

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I spend a lot of time in my car so I listen to NPR, which I think would surprise people who know me. If the radio isn’t on, I’m probably on the phone with one of my sisters.

Like all Bostonians, I love the summer so I’m psyched to finally ride my bike to classes. I sign up for at least one triathlon and one half marathon a year. The triathlon forces me to swim, albeit at M Street beach in Southie, but I haven’t grown a third arm yet so I think I’m in good shape!

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Like ALL fitness instructors, my schedule is weird but there is always time at the end of the night to watch a little tv. I love the Blacklist but now that the season is over, I mostly watch Shark Tank, Bar Rescue and episodes of Tosh.0. When I lived alone, I was a big Teen Mom fan but getting my boyfriend to watch that show would take more energy than I’m willing to expend. If I have an hour during the day, I’ll watch The Mindy Project or New Girl. Brainless television is my FAV.

I LOVE spending time with my family, my friends and my amazing boyfriend. Exercise is awesome but it’s not all that I do. I love going out for dinner and getting drinks, dancing, going on trips and cuddling up on the couch with a bag of Pirate’s Booty. That stuff is like crack.

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I work Monday through Saturday so Sundays are my day for whatever. My life and the people I surround myself with are so much fun! I swear, I belly laugh at least once a day.

I‘m rarely sitting still because there is always something awesome to do. If we’re in Boston on a Sunday, we’re headed to brunch (mimosas included – obv) and if we’re taking a trip after I’m done teaching on Saturday afternoons, we’re usually head to the Cape.


One of the best parts of my job is that it is different every day. It’s impossible to get bored but here’s an idea of what one or two of my days might look like:

6-7am: Wake up! Drink coffee, watch the Today Show and check emails. If it’s 5:30 or 6am, I don’t watch or check anything. I can barely function at that hour.

8am – 12pm: Teach spin or yoga classes. If I don’t teach spin in the morning, I go for a run. I love running!!

12pm-1:30pm: Practice yoga or take a Barre class (Just started going to Pure Barre on Newbury Street and I’m loving it!! 

1:30pm: Eat lunch and shower

2:30pm-9pm: Teach more spin or yoga classes. If there is time in between teaching, I might choose that time to practice instead of taking a class in the afternoon.

If there is any time during my day, it’s usually spent responding to emails, building a sequence for class or creating playlists. Some days I’m done teaching at 9pm, but others I’m finished with my day around 7pm. I work a lot so I always try to find the fun in what I’m doing.

I love what I do. I love my job. I feel blessed to do what I do and grateful to the supportive people in my life who encouraged me to move on this path.  I’m beyond grateful to my ridiculously committed, unreal students that laugh at my jokes, appreciate my vulgar language and make me excited to get on my mat or my bike every day! I really do have the best job ever. 🙂 




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