Day in the Life: Fitness Instructor + Fitness Financial Planner

First let me give a big shout out and thanks to Cara for the opportunity to guest blog on her site. I met Cara through Barry’s Bootcamp, as she comes often and is always pushing herself to new heights each and every class! She is becoming one of Boston’s most well-known and well-respected fitness professionals.

My day to day is so different because not only am I in the fitness industry, I’m also a financial planner. Until recently most of my focus was in my financial planning business, however, my passion for fitness kept growing and I’ve scaled back that business to dedicate more of myself to the fitness industry and all of the fitness fanatics I get to work out with on a daily basis. I’ve actually scaled it back to the point where it merges with my passion for fitness and my primary focus is working with fellow fitness professionals. I feel I connect the best with these peers since we are in the same industry and we share the same passion for health and wellness.


In terms of fitness, my passion has been building since I graduated from Villanova University. I was fortunate to play collegiate football and after graduating that athletic void was empty. I got my personal trainer certification from ACSM a few years ago with the intention of doing training a few nights a week, however, nothing came about until Dustin & Brian opened Barry’s Bootcamp Boston in the fall of 2013. I knew Dustin beforehand so it made sense to give it a go when I found out he was looking for instructors.


When I’m not working with fellow fitness professionals building a financial plan, or teaching at Barry’s, I’m working on business development for my own fitness brand program, RISE Training, This is a program I’ve built over the past 3 years and it has been developed from all of the workouts I have done myself. Over that time I’ve been able to figure out what exercise movements work the best in developing strength endurance, which is the goal of the RISE Training program. The program includes 50 workouts that will build lean muscles using higher reps, varying rest periods, and supersets. My immediate short-term goal is to make some headwind in the corporate group fitness world. I’m hoping to build relationships with companies to come to their on-site facility and train the employees a few times a month in a group fitness setting. Not only is this a great way to build company camaraderie but it is a great well to add employee benefits and improve the their mental and physical health.

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I currently instruct 8 classes a week at Barry’s, and will hopefully have a few more over the coming months. You can find the current schedule at I love teaching class because the way Barry’s is designed with the lighting and music it allows me to be energetic and enthusiastic in class, and anyone that has taken my class would agree I bring a lot of energy! I like to continually evolve class by adding new movements or exercise combinations, varying treadmill runs, and new music as often as possible! And nothing is more important than connecting with the bootcampers in class, whether it’s saying their name, asking them how they are doing, or giving them a hi-five. The best feeling is when a client says how great the workout was, or how sore they are the next day!


Since no day is the same for me, if I could combine every day this would be my perfect day:

Wakeup/Breakfast/Commute – 6:30-7:30
I like to wake up early and get some nutrients and fuel my body. Skipping breakfast or eating it late makes me feel sluggish and I don’t have the usual energy people are accustomed to me having.

Financial Planning – 8:00-11:00
I do my best “work” pre-lunch, so this is the ideal time to meet with clients or potential clients to discuss their financial goals. I meet with clients at different times but this would be the ideal situation.

Instruct Barry’s Bootcamp – 12:00-1:00
After a few hours of “work” instructing at Barry’s is a great release. I get to unleash all my energy and give the bootcampers an awesome workout. I teach the lunch class at Barry’s on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Workout – 2:00-3:30
I either go to Equinox or do a workout at Barry’s. This is usually my favorite time of the day. I can plug in my headphones and jam out to my music and most importantly sweat! I always hit up the sauna after working out as well. It’s a good time to relax, think about the day, and rejuvenate for the 2nd

Business Development 4:00-6:00
This is the time I can review the current status of my personal fitness brand and the RISE Training program. I work with a close friend who handles the website and marketing and we bounce ideas off each other. I also look into branding opportunities and corporate fitness partnerships.

Cook Dinner – 6:30
I cook most nights during the week, and I think I’m pretty darn good at it too! My favorite meal is a ground turkey dish with onions, peppers, kidney beans, rice, and avocado. Ground turkey, turkey bacon, and brown rice are always in my kitchen!

Personal Time – 7:00-Bedtime
I usually go to bed around 11:00, and the time after dinner to bedtime I spend with friends, relaxing watching a movie or TV, downloading music, and prepping for the next day. Believe it or not finding new music for class is probably the most time- consuming task every week! I always find some time to prep for the next day.

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