Warm Your Heart with Mac-n-Cheese: The Cauliflower Way!

On this cold, drizzy spring day all I want is WARMTH. I found a delicious looking recipe in Vegetarian Times Magazine that used cauliflower instead of macaroni. Interesting, I know! I decided to take a chance and try it.

I LOVED  dish and it got major thumbs up from the hubby! Here is my mac-n-cheese cauliflower cooking adventure! Click here for the cooking instructions and ingredients. Enjoy!

The Scene: All the ingredients to make this yummy dish! Yes, I might have staged this!

The Magazine Picture: Be the judge to see if my dish came out like this one.

Step 1: Cooking cauliflower in boiling water. I put too much water in the pan and so I was not able to put the lid on it. Therefore, it took longer than 10 minutes to cook. Note to self on this one.

Step 2: Butter and flour. Be careful with this step. You need to constantly mix them together. I found that the flour just got clumpy in the butter.

Step 3: Combine the butter, flour, cheese, milk, butter, water, eggs, minced garlic, nutritional yeast and cayenne pepper together in the pan.

Step 4: Then fold the mixture into the cauliflower. This is the fun and messy part 🙂

Recipe change: Used wheat germ instead of bread crumbs and I added some croutons to sprinkle on top of the dish.

Dish pre-baked: This is what it looked like before baking.

The final dish! Look like the picture? I think it’s close!

Dish review: Would make this again!

  • Filling?: Yes, very! I think I only ate 1 serving which is a good sign!
  • Taste?: Nice and creamy but not hurt your stomach creamy. My stomach can sometimes act a little funny when it comes to dairy and it felt fine.
  • Healthy?: Yes! You have the veggies through the cauliflower and the protein from the milk, eggs and cheese. This dish does have butter but I substituted it for earth butter which is a vegan butter replacement.
  • Calorie conscious?: You do have to be careful with this one. However, I felt full after 1 serving so I was not tempted to over eat and felt very satisfied.

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