Day in the life: Group Exercise Instructor + Personal Trainer

Hello All! Cara is one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met and I am so honored that she has asked me to contribute to her blog this week. I’m Heidi Anderson and am the group exercise coordinator at the Sports Club LA in Chestnut Hill and I met Cara when she came in to apply for a position as a spin and yoga teacher. It has been so wonderful to watch Cara become more and more successful and well-known in the community since I have met her less than a year ago. It is a true pleasure to not only have her as a co-worker, but as a friend as well.


How I got started in fitness:
The truth is, I actually didn’t have any interest in fitness or nutrition at all until I was about 18 years old. I went to Wheelock College in Boston, MA to be a first-grade teacher, and during my freshman year of college I started working at the Boston Sports Club at the front desk for a little extra side cash. While I was working there I became OBSESSED with one of the most popular group exercise instructors there, Israel. His classes were always packed and he was so adored. I took every single class of his and would stand right in the front row like a total groupie. Anyways, Israel ended up getting in a car accident and had to take time off from teaching. He called me after his accident and begged me to start teaching his classes for him because he knew I knew all of the choreography. I was FREAKING out, I hated public speaking class, how the heck could I teach a group exercise class??!

Needless to say, I took over his classes and (as cheesy as it sounds), it literally changed my life. Well my fitness life anyways. I loved teaching and being involved in the fitness industry so much, that I ended up changing my major to Nutrition and became a personal trainer soon after. People think that I was this sporty chick my whole life, but the truth is I was sort of “forced” into it- but it ended up being the best thing ever! I love teaching so much and it brings me so much happiness to know that people actually look forward to spending a whole hour with me as I kick their ass…like what other job can you say that about?! When my students they tell me how awesome they feel after my classes, it literally is just the best feeling ever. But an even better feeling is seeing the same people coming back week after week.

Rise and Grind (6:00-6:30am): I literally set three alarms and hit the snooze button for 30 minutes. Yes, I am THAT annoying person in the morning.

Twerk Out (7:10-8:10am): The fact that I actually wake up early to have my ass kicked really baffles my mind sometimes, but I have to say, it is a good feeling to get it over with early in the morning! Every few months I change my fitness obsessions (boxing, Btone, etc), but the past few months I am definitely in love with Barry’s. I try and go 4x a week, and feel like my running has improved so much.

Kick Ass and Take Names (9:00-11:30) I usually teach and train either before or after my office hours at the Sports Club. I always start my days Monday-Saturday with either clients, classes, or both! My favorite class is my Monday morning “Damage Control” class at the Sports Club LA in Chestnut Hill from 9:30-10:30. Never in my life have I met such hard working people! They are all incredible and I couldn’t ask for a better way to start my week than with them.

Get Serious Time (11:30 a.m. -4:00pm.) This is where I actually sit down for a couple of hours and grind out as much office work as possible. Emails, budget, meetings.. the list goes on and on. This is also where my one coffee of the day comes into the picture.. at last!

(My Sports Club LA Family)

Kick a Little More Butt:(4:00-6:30ish) I train a few more clients before calling it a day. I have a 12 year old client, Anna, that I train at her home and she is seriously the best kid ever. She has more wit and wisdom than people my own age, it’s incredible. Although she has a special place in my heart, I really am so lucky to have such great clients that I look forward to seeing each week.

Yoga Time (7:30-9:00) It’s a bit embarrassing to say considering I am a yoga teacher, but there was definitely a point in the past couple of years that I sort of “fell out of love” with the practice. I feel like it was starting to become more of something I told myself I had to do on a weekly basis, rather than something I really enjoyed doing. I think that, like anything, if you do too much of something you are definitely going to get burnt out at some point, so I took some time off from practicing. However, I started up again about 4 weeks ago and I have never felt better. I feel like I have re-ignited my passion for yoga and it feels so good! And so does my back and hamstrings. 🙂

(This is the yoga I do when I am bored and stuck at home during a snow storm!)

Boyfriend Time, Bed Time (9:00.. Zzzzz) This is when we catch up on each other’s day and snuggle before doing it all over again in the A.M.

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