My March Monster Month

March is know as “monster” month for many of us. It’s peak training month for April marathoners, it’s the March Maddness NCAA Tournament and it’s also quarter end. March was certainly my monster month but in the best way possible.

1966794_225176777682565_785970282_n  1979552_225177174349192_1568320748_nRunner’s High, Yoga for Boston Marathoners Event Hosted by Lululemon at the House of Blues 

March was my monster month of teaching. Over the course of the month, I taught Yoga for Runners store events for True Runner and City Sports. I had the honor of teaching for Lululemon at the House of Blues for their Runner’s High event, which was an event for all runners participating in the Boston Marathon. I also co-taught for Lululemon Chestnut Hill’s 1 year Anniversary event, “Ignite Your Light “ at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and I even got to teach my first Yoga for Athletes workshop! An incredible month filled with growth, inspiration and excitement!

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ignite your light invite med
Ignite Your Light, Lululemon Chestnut Hill’s 1 Year Anniversary Event

Reflecting upon this month and all these incredible teaching opportunities I have learned how important self care is and what it means for me. A big part of my self care is slowing down. That means sleeping more, adjusting my workout schedule by incorporating more self practice, cutting down on the intense cardio/bootcamp classes, doing more restorative yoga and being home in between classes and clients as much as I can to ground and to eat well. These small changes made a big difference in my energy levels and therefore allowed me to bring my A game to every class, workshop and event I taught even though it was almost three weeks before I had a day off.

For those who just completed their “monster month” of training you probably went through the same experience. Your workouts hit their max and to rest and recover quickly, you were getting as much sleep as you could. You were also most likely pulling the Friday and Saturday night lame card like me and hopefully, your end result was like mine. You were able to perform better and feel energized.

Rest is something that is underrated. Whether you’re in training or you have a busy work schedule, we forget how important it is to adapt and change. The expression “less is more” speaks truth. We have to be able to listen to what both our bodies and minds are communicating to us so we can adapt as we need to. Easier said then done but that’s why yoga is essential. Now remember, yoga does not need to be 90 minute sweaty vinyasa class at a studio or even a structured practice or flow. Yoga is whatever you make it to be that day. Close your eyes. Breathe. Listen. Communicate. Connect. There’s your yoga. You can be at home. You can be outside. You can be laying down. It doesn’t matter. It’s the connection between the mind and body that enables us to listen to ourselves.

As things get busy for you what are your self care practices that make you feel grounded, energized and connected?

Runner’s High, Yoga for Boston Marathoners Event Hosted by Lululemon at House of Blues