Post Run Yoga: Your Post Run Stretch

Runners, here’s a sequence that can be used after a run to open up the hips, hamstrings and IT bands. This sequence will take no longer than 15 minutes. No props are needed and feel free to do this right on your running route. Make sure you’re on a soft surface like grass, dirt or better yet beach sand 😉

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Here’s one of my favorite sunrise runs. Jersey Shore, Stone Harbor, August 2012. 

Which poses are your favorite?

1. Ragdoll (Target area: Hamstrings, low back)
Let your feet be hips distance a part (two fists between your feet). Bend your knees and fold over your legs. Grab opposite hand to opposite elbow and drop your head down towards the ground. Take 20 rounds of breath.


2. Cross Ankle Forward Fold (IT Bands)
Release your arms down towards the ground and cross your left ankle over your right and fold over your legs. Again, bend your knees, especially if the hamstrings are feeling cranky. Walk your hands over to the left. Take 10 rounds of breath.


3. Low Lunge Pulses (Target area: hips, side body, quads)
Uncross your ankles and step your left foot back to a low lunge so your left knee down is on the ground. Make sure your right knee is over your ankle. Reach your arms high and image lifting your ribs up and away from your hips. Bend the toes under of your left foot and send your hips further forward. Feel free to place your hands on your right thigh for balance. Pulse back and forth bringing the hips forward and slightly back.


4. Low Lunge with Side Bend (Target area: hips)
Bring your hips slightly back so you’re in a square lunge. Place your right hand on your right hip and reach the left arm high and over to the right. Keep the spine long and make sure you’re not leaning back. Take 10 rounds of breath.


5. Half Split (Target area: hamstrings)
Place both your hands down on the ground to frame your right foot. Straighten your right leg and back your hips up. Flex the right toes and bring your hands behind your right heel. Drop your head down to the ground. Take 10 rounds of breath.


6. Half Split (Target area: IT Bands)
Place the razor edge of your right foot on the ground and walk your hands over to the right. Flex the right toes to turn the stretch on and feel free to bend the right knee to soften the pose.


7. Lizard Lunge (Target area: hips)
Walk your hands back and place them to the inside of your right foot. Feel free to stay on your hands or to come all the way down on your forearms. Take 10 rounds of breath either staying in the pose or pulsing back and forth like we did in low lunge.


8. Malsana (hips)
Come up on your hands. Look forward and step your left foot outside of your hands. Drop your hips down, place your weight in your heels and walk the hands out. Let your arms, shoulders and torso fold in between your legs. Take 10 rounds of breath.



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