Shit Happens

I knew it would happen someday. But, just like any unwanted event it happens when we never expect it and that’s exactly what happened. MY CAR GOT TOWED.


It was Tuesday. The weather was perfect, 50 degrees and sunny. I had a great start to my day by taking a yoga class with one of my favorite teachers, Jacqui Bonwell, and felt ready to take on my day. Tuesdays are a busy day with two classes and two clients, so I even set my intention for practice that morning to “move slowly”.

“Move slowly” was just what I did. I approached the day by staying off my phone as much as possible, giving myself more time to commute between teaching engagements and pre-planned and packaged all my meals and snacks for the day to avoid any last minute running around. So, when my car got towed I couldn’t believe it. These things only happen when you’re running late, stuck in traffic or already having a pretty awful day, right?

I then began to reflect on why this happened. What’s the lesson from this experience? What did I do wrong besides parking in a commerical lot space? What can I learn from this? My conclusion…shit happens! As much as we “prepare” to have a good day, we can’t be in control. You have to be ready for whatever is handed to you. Loose the control and be “prepared” to roll with the punches. Things are constantly changing and shifting and it’s up to us to either be flexible and adaptable or to be dragged along to the tow lot just like my poor car did.

Share your “shit happens” story. It’s time to laugh and move on! 

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