Here is a video of me finishing my first Boston Marathon in 2006. Thank you AQ for this! 

Boston, You Will Always Be in My Heart

It is Marathon Monday and I’m filled with feelings of nostalgia. I have had the honor of running three Boston Marathons and nothing compares to running such an historical and prominent race in your hometown. I can’t even tell you how hard it is to not lace up my sneakers right now and head off to the starting line!

One of my favorite places on the marathon route is at the last mile when you turn onto Bolyston Street. Each time I have run Boston, this has always been a powerful moment for me. The finish line is in the distance. You have hundreds and hundreds of strangers and friends/family cheering you on. The stretch is flat and the hills are over! But most importantly, it was always a time when I have been able to dig deep within myself to be present.

With every step I took, I breathed in the view of the course and noise of the crowd. I thanked myself for giving myself this gift of running. I remembered all the humbling runs that got me to this point and I thought about all the loves of my life that supported me through the training experience.

This reflection each time made my legs lighter (for the most part!), brought tears to my eyes and caused my heart to pound out of my chest uncontrollably. This was the moment that my heart, my body and my mind finally came to an agreement: I will finish the marathon! 

Nothing is more powerful when you take a step back from the noise in your head and become present to enjoy the amazing accomplishment you are able to achieve.

Boston, I will always love you and hold you in my heart. Forever. Congrats to all the runners today. It is time to celebrate and be grateful for the unbelievable gift you gave yourself.