RunYoga Mini Series via Facebook Live!

The 2018 RunYoga Winter series has officially kicked off and to share the RunYoga love with those who can’t join us, I’m excited to host a Facebook live mini series! You can join me every Tuesday afternoon until the beginning of April between 1 and 3pm for a short 15/20 minute yoga for runners sequence.

I’ll be posting the links to all the videos below each week so you have them for reference and can do them at a later time. Excited for you all to join me! Let me know what you think!

With love,

RunYoga Session #1 video: Yoga for Runners Overal Practice
An overall yoga for runners flow by stretching the quads, hips, chest and hamstrings. We also explore some fun forearm plank fun!

RunYoga Session #2 video: Strength + Standing Balances
This flow will strengthen not only your quads + your hips but your mind! Get ready to move with some standing balance postures and core exercises.

RunYoga Session #3 video: Deep Stretch + Chill Flow
Longer holds and sweet stretches for this practice. Perfect to do post hills, speed work or just when you want to chill out.

RunYoga Session #4 video: IT Band/Outer Hip Flow
Are your hips feeling cranky? This flow will warm up, strengthen and then stretch out those hips; giving them the love that they need! Feel free to move through this practice post-run, on an off day or for cross training.

RunYoga Session #5 video: Quad + Hamstring Stretchy Flow
This practice is perfect post run or workout. It will stretch all the right places, especially those quads and hamstrings. This sequence feels so so good!

RunYoga Session #6 video: Yoga for Runners Core Flow
Our form is an essential part of our running practice. Without proper form, we can waste a lot of energy and also put ourselves at risk for injury. In this practice, we will work core strengthening movements through ab exercises and twists as well as chest/shoulder openers which will help us maintain good running form. There are also some sweet stretches for the hips and hamstrings. Enjoy!

RunYoga Session #7 video: Happy Hips!
Part 1: Beginning + Main Portion of Class
Part 2: Cool down + shavasana
An awesome practice to do if your hips are feeling cranky and are in need of some love! This sequence will first warm up the body through core work and a little hip strengthening and then will move into some great feel good hip opening postures.

RunYoga Session #8 video: Strength + Stretch
A perfect practice to do post-run or on a strength training day. This flow will move through several one-legged standing postures that will test hip stability and strength; essential for our running. As always, expect some core work and some great stretches for a nice balanced practice.

RunYoga Session #9 video: Chill + Stretch Practice
The perfect practice to do after a hard work out or when your exhausted and are in need of rest and recovery. Breathe, stretch and enjoy!

RunYoga Session #10 video: Stretch + Flow
A more vinyasa style yoga for runners practice. Postures are held for 3 to 5 rounds of breath and incorporate strength + stretch for both the body and mind. Get ready to move and breathe freely

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