I’m Going to India!

That’s right! I’m headed to India to complete my 500 hour teaching certification with Raghunath Cappo. I’m incredibly excited yet completely terrified all at the same time, but because of that, I know I’m making the right decision to leave what’s comfortable and embark on a journey of challenge and growth.


After taking a week immersion with Raghunath at Back Bay Yoga this past July, I was LIT up. I felt recharged and inspired as both a teacher and a student. I knew that this week experience had to continue in someway or another and sure enough, I found information on Raghunath’s 500 hour certification program in India on his website.

The sign-up process for this program took AWHILE. Almost nightly, I would open the web page and read the description. I was so scared to take the big leap. The thought (and still the thought) of being away from my family, my home and my yoga/running community makes me terrified but I couldn’t stop visiting that darn webpage and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

And once I get stuck on something, it’s hard for me to budge because I know it’s lingering for a reason (i.e. I should do it). After a few weeks and probably thousands of visits to that webpage, I applied for the program.

So it’s happening….I’m going to India! The VISA is all set, I’m off to the travel doctor next week and I have begun my reading/homework prep for the training. I will be leaving on Tuesday, January 5th and will be returning on Monday, February 1st. I will be 2 hours north of Mumbai and will be staying at the Eco Village. Lots of yoga, meditation, philosophy and Kirtan!

I can’t wait to take this journey to India with you! Maybe this blog post will inspire you to take a new journey of your own? Don’t let fear stand in the way, if your passion or desire is lingering, chase after it 😉


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