Race Day Preparation: Rest Up & Get Pumped Up

For those that have a race on the horizon, you’re almost there! It’s time to rest up and get PUMPED up. Here are some of ways I get into the marathon zone prior to race day. 


1. Make a race t-shirt: For every marathon I run, I make a race day t-shirt. I’ve always been a fan of craft time so this activity becomes a fun “me time” night and allows me to reflect on all the preparation I put into training. I place my first name on the front and my running mantra on the back. Here are my marathon t-shirts I have worn and made in the past. Stay tuned for what my 2014 Chicago marathon shirt will look like!

photo 1 (10)

2. Create a running mantra. During my marathon training, I create a running mantra. This mantra is a powerful way of centering myself and also how I stay inspired no matter how tough training becomes. On race day this mantra becomes even more important. It connects me to the bigger picture of why I’m running that marathon.

My running mantras:
– One road at a time, Philly 2005
– Making a dream a reality, Boston 2006
– Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I’ve ever known, Philly 2006
– It’s about the journey, not the destination, Chicago 2007
– After all, your my wonderwall Boston 2008
– Run Happy, New York 2009
– Defying Gravity, Boston 2010

2. Watch Spirit of the Marathon: I love Spirit of the Marathon I! This documentary follows various runners training for the Chicago Marathon. It’s a very inspiring film and always a movie I have to watch at some point during training and before the race. I highly recommend it!


3. Read motivational quotes: Let’s me honest, I love a great inspirational quote. Before I ran my very first marathon, I actually placed quotes all around my college dorm room to keep me grounded and inspired. I actually ended up writing one of the quotes on my arm for good luck and have been known to carry a few in my fanny pack during my long runs. For this marathon, I’ve been sharing quotes in my yoga classes.

4. Practice gratitude: Showing gratitude to those who have supported you along the way is one of the best ways to get ready for race day. For my first marathon, I wrote a letter to my dad. I still have this letter to this day and read it time to time. The act of running might be individual but just like yoga, it’s all about community and bringing everyone together.

5. Wear a good luck charm. Prior to race day, I make or pick out a good luck charm to carry with me during the race. Good luck charms have been motivational quotes in my fanny pack to bracelets or necklaces I have worn on long runs or someone has made for me. This year, I’ll be wearing this bracelet given to me from one of my yoga students.

How do you get pumped up for race day?

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