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What an honor it is to be featured on Cara’s blog, alongside many truly inspirational and hard working individuals! Cara and I both teach at Sweat and Soul and Back Bay Yoga, as well as recently participating in a mentorship program under Lynne Beiger. On a more personal note, Cara has been a big part of my teaching support system over the past year, giving me solid advice and inspiration along the way. So thank you for that, Cara!

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Let me begin with the basics. My name is Alissa Portet…hi!! I am a yoga teacher in the Boston area, and absolutely LOVE my job. Two years ago (almost to the day) right before my 27th birthday, I decided to make a life change and leave my management job at L.A. Burdick Chocolate to become a certified yoga teacher. It was one of those distinct moments when I re-assessed my life, and asked myself the simple question, “What will make you happy?”.  It was a decision based solely on intuition/instinct, and one that I know I will never regret. That being said, it was a BIG change from my previous life chapter, and one that I am still adapting to every single day.

To be honest, there is no “typical day” for me. Some days my focus is solely on teaching, and other days I direct my energy towards my blog, sequencing, playlists, or my YogaNut brand. Regardless of the day though, I get by with help from my calendar, a little pizazz, and of course, some form of yoga. Since there is no typical day for me, below I compiled a rough sketch of the various components in my crazy, awesome life.

6:30-7:30am: Wake up.
Generally with coffee, but ALWAYS with a healthy/filling meal. I find that I am often most hungry in the morning/afternoon, and it really gets my day off on the right foot.

7:30-9am: Work on a new playlist.
This is something that I did not expect would take up as much time as it does, but certainly makes a difference in class. Not only choosing the right songs, but also placing them in a way that enhances the sequence/experience.

9-1:30pm: Teaching morning/afternoon classes.
As a yoga teacher, I often spend as much time in my car as I do in the studio. So, depending on my mood, you will find me either driving in silence to have some quiet time or blasting the jams while practicing calming yoga techniques in the midst of traffic. There is also always some form of trail mix/fruit munching involved…a girl needs her energy!

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1:30-4pm: Catch up time.
Head home to grab lunch, catch up on emails and work on my YogaNut blog/brand ( Right now I am selling tank tops as well as sporty headbands! 

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4-9pm: Teaching/Taking class.
During this time, I am usually taking a yoga class somewhere, teaching, or working on my weekly sequence.  Oftentimes, I am attempting to get all of these things in! It is extremely important to continue the learning process.  It not only makes me a better, more informed teacher, but it also keeps me sane!

9pm-11pm: Dinner/Relaxation. 
By this point in the day I am starving, and ready to SIT DOWN! I usually end my evening with a healthy meal, and some quality time with my handsome boyfriend. 

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Life is all about balance, so it is important to keep all aspects of my life in check. In my free time, my friends and family are priority. I do my best to keep in touch with the people I love, and plan as many visits as possible. These aspects of my life feed my soul, and provide me with a constant feeling of gratitude.

Feel free to reach out to me at or check me out at “Live the life you deserve!”

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