Day in the Life: Team J+A, Co-founders of the 14-day Whole Food Detox

After Cara’s yoga class this week, we were chatting about the movement happening among the 20/30-somethings in Boston. If you haven’t already noticed, there’s been quite a significant movement away from the traditional values like stability and security and towards adventure, towards the desire to fully experience life.

We can no longer say it’s coincidental that we ran into yet another young entrepreneur or that we have the conversations we have only because we hang in circles of creative types. The movement is happening all over the city, in conversations with financial analysts and lawyers, school teachers and moms. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this shift and to be crossing paths with other amazingly talented, progressive professionals, who want to build, create, express and inspire!

With that being said, we’d like to thank Cara for asking us to share a bit about ourselves and hope it gives you an honest look into the day to day of two young women who want to change the world doing what they love.

Who we are: Jody and Ashley, otherwise known as “Team J+A”. In 2012, we co-founded a company, Whole Detox, that offers virtual wellness programming to busy urban professionals.

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Our signature program is a 14-day Whole Food Detox which leaves participants feeling lighter, more energized than ever, in control of food cravings, free of chronic pain, headaches, and digestive discomfort, with clear skin and balanced moods… and much more.

All of this is done without restrictive dieting or calorie counting. Our approach is rooted in the philosophy that pleasure and health can and should co-exist, with a large focus on finding joy in one’s food and beyond.

We’re also rolling out an exciting new offering, a one-day Urban Retreat, which we’ll host in Boston this September. The purpose of this full-day “time out” is to challenge the idea that we need to fly to Bali or Tulum to reset our body, mind, and soul. Through yoga, dance, cooking demos and other interactive wellness workshops, we’ll guide a group of women to find stillness among the chaos of the city and to walk away feeling empowered with food and in life.

Registration for the retreat will be limited. So get on this list here to be first in the know! For more info on our signature detox program click here.

And now, for a day in the life of J+A…

6:30 am: Wake up + morning routine
We like to stay unplugged for a good hour first thing in the morning. Rather than reacting to emails or texts we spend this time setting the tone for the day. Yoga and/or meditation and a good healthy breakfast (i.e. farm fresh eggs + bacon, green juice) usually does the trick.

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8:30 am: Bike to the office
Ashley heads right down the street from the condo she shares with her hubby and the most precious pup in the world, Reese.

Jody bikes from the North End, the neighborhood she’s called home for the past 8 years!

9 am: Workday begins
Just recently we transitioned from working out of home offices to the lovely WeWork in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston. It’s refreshing to be around people again. Wow! We’re quickly remembering how good it feels to be surrounded by many personalities, to bounce ideas off other professionals, and to simply interact beyond our virtual world!

Our typical morning includes:
* J+A admin meeting – updating each other on our priorities for the day
* Answering emails
* A bit of social media
* Prepping scripts for training calls and live workshops

12 -1 pm: LUNCH TIME!
Our favorite time of day, of course. We’re not the “eat at the desk” kind of girls. We walk together to a nearby park or to the farmers market in Dewey Sq and enjoy the fresh air while we chomp on some of our favorite foods. Typical lunch might be a huge kale salad with avocado, tomatoes, and a few hard-boiled eggs or zucchini noodles with a basil pesto sauce.

It’s unlikely we won’t follow up lunch (or dinner for that matter) with a good quality piece of chocolate.

outside lunch

1 pm – 5 pm: More work
Back to the office or to meet potential clients, a typical afternoon might include:
* 1:1 introductory meetings with yoga teachers, studio owners, or follow up conversations with alum of our programs
* Writing content for our blog or email newsletters
* Program development and updates

5:30 pm: After hours
These days we’ve been spending at least two nights a week out and about at networking events or offering tastings of our detox recipes at various locations (post yoga/dance classes, at Crossfit studios, etc.)

On the nights we’re NOT working, we love to:
* Dance (Fire & Ice in Harvard Sq. and Havana in Central)
* Do yoga (North End Yoga and South Boston Yoga)
* Go out to eat! (Sarma in Somerville is our most recent top pick!)

Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 4.16.17 PM

10 – 11 pm
Unplugged once again, we each usually wind down with a favorite book or just some good old fashion conversation with family or friends. And that’s that! What we love most about what we do is the flexibility of our lives and the unexpected conversations and ideas that fill every day. We’re definitely not without our fair share of struggles and doubts but at the end of the day, we feel proud of the commitment we’ve made to live the life of our dreams.

We’re having so much fun uncovering it just a bit at a time and we hope you’ll join our community. Thanks again Cara for the feature and thanks to you all for reading!

Social Media:
Instagram and Twitter are @wholedetox

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