RunYoga Virtual Series 
Sunday, 11/4 to Sunday, 12/2

 This series led by yoga teacher and run coach, Cara Gilman, will give you everything you need to effectively integrate yoga into your current running routine. Over the course of 4 weeks you will touch upon the following topics:

> when + how to practice yoga

> what mindfulness is and how can it make you a stronger runner

> powerful breathing exercises that will up your mental game

> key postures that foster strength, recovery and flexibility

> explore meditation + visualization

Each week will kick-off with a Facebook Live session with Cara where she’ll dive into the theme and focus for the week, be a resource for any questions you have, get you pumped up for what you’re about to take on, and create a forum for you to connect amongst each other.

This is where this program is much different than your typical online program. In addition to support from Cara, you’ll have a community of others supporting you and cheering you on. There’s accountability, continued discussion in between Facebook live sessions and motivation from each other.

This program entails:

  • 5 Facebook live sessions. Each session will take place on Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST to introduce focus/content for week (this will be recorded if you can’t attend).
  • 8 yoga for runners videos (2 videos per week that reflect the theme + focus per week).
  • 4 short meditations (1 per week that reflects theme and focus for week).
  • 4 reflection assignments (1 per week that reflects theme and focus for week).
  • Cara Gilman as a resource for any and all questions you might have.
  • Conversation with other runners like you to drive accountability, conversation and inspiration.
  • A survey to complete to convey your areas of interest and need.

Cara comes with more than 15 years of running experience and over 6 years of yoga teaching expertise. She has run 9 marathons, and knows first-hand how transformational yoga is. She can’t wait for you to take on this powerful practice that will not only change your running, but your life.

Price: $75



Om for the Holidays: Reflect, Restore and Reset

Sunday, 12/9, 10am to 12pm

Back Bay


As the year winds down and the holiday season kicks into full swing, it’s more important than ever to slow down and make time for you.The holiday season is one in which we’re constantly doing. We’re planning, entertaining, shopping, organizing, cleaning, the list goes on and on. Our actions and our energy is focused outward and on others. This workshop led by Cara Gilman, is your opportunity to just focus on you. It’s time to slow down and just be.

This workshop will start with a seated meditation as a way to ignite the listening and self exploration process. Then will move into a slow flow vinyasa yoga practice that will incorporate breathing and journaling exercises throughout as methods to release stress and heaviness. The workshop will then progress into a restorative practice and end with yoga nidra (a restful guided savasana) to foster deep rest and relaxation. Come away feeling well rested and restored. Let this be your gift to yourself.



Om for the Holidays: Open Your Heart to the New Year

Sunday, 1/6, 10am to 12pm 

Back Bay


A new year is upon us and with that brings possibility. This is where intentions come in. Intentions, also referred to as Sankapla, creates a foundation of love and support as we challenge ourselves to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

The word sankalpa, means willing, purpose, determination. To make a sankalpa is to take action with determination and purpose from a positive place. It doesn’t put our energy and passion towards an outcome, but a path to take us in the right direction.

This workshop led by Cara Gilman, will send you in that right direction. It will begin with a seated meditation as a way to ignite the listening and self exploration process. Then will move into an accessible, all levels vinyasa flow practice that will incorporate dedicated sun salutations, journaling, breathing exercises and an extra long savasana as methods of releasing and opening. This is your year. It’s time to let go of what’s holding you back and cultivate what you want to bring into your life. Be prepared to open your heart in a whole new way this new year.